About Us

Myindians Online was mooted in 2010 and had a vision where a platform of sorts can be created in the form of a website that will be loaded with detailed and useful information on every Malaysian Indian living in the country.

The website will become the single, largest and most info-emanating platform in the country and probably the world over where one can gather any information on Malaysian Indians residing in the country. The website can be accessed for information such as people in the professional industry, medical, engineering, construction, temple related info, suppliers and manufacturers, teaching profession, farmers, druggists, government employees, private sector employees and the list goes on.

The website will collect as much data as possible through a form that can be either 'downloadable' or filled up online and submitted.

The website will become a one-stop all-encompassing info on every Malaysian Indian in Malaysia. The website - My Indians - will be a platform of exchange between the Indians among the community and for the benefit of all Indians.

With the website, it is now more like " NOW YOU KNOW WHERE TO GO, WHO TO ASK, WHERE TO GET, HOW TO DO, HOW TO APPLY, WHEN TO RECEIVE" and more.

The website answers all your queries without asking. There would also have pages dedicated to employment, searches, NGOs, lawyers and legal aids. Students can look up the website to apply for scholarships, universities and identify universities and colleges available.

Job seekers can identify firms that require INDIANS to fill up vacancies. MY INDIANS will become an information booth dispenser that every Indian would like to log on to.